Whether you want to see if you’ve fallen victim to “nakaw load” or just need to see if you need topping up soon, it’s important to know how much load balance is left in your phone. For Smart users, several options are available.

Check Smart balance using *123#

The simplest way to check your Smart load balance is to dial *123# on your phone. This is Smart’s unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) code, also known as quick code, that displays your remaining balance, along with your GigaPoints and an on-screen menu for ongoing promos.


More details are available regarding your load balance when you select the Balance Services option in the menu. These include the expiry dates of your load and GigaPoints. Depending on the promos you’re currently subscribed to, you’ll also see the number of free text messages you can send and your remaining data in megabytes.

Using this option to check your balance is free.


Smart load inquiry via *888

If you prefer to listen to an automated attendant to check your Smart load balance, dial *888. The process may take up to a minute as the attendant may first promote Smart’s ongoing promos and warn you of the latest scams targeting mobile users before dictating the menu.


As of this writing, you need to press number 2 followed by number 1 on your keypad for the attendant to mention your balance. When the call ends, you will also receive an SMS message regarding your balance.

Like *123#, this option is free.

Smart balance call inquiry through 1515

If you dial 1515, you will receive an SMS message that details your Smart load balance and your current promo subscriptions. This method costs ₱1 per message, though, so only use this as a backup if ever the free options are somehow unavailable.


My Smart website

You can create an online account for your Smart phone number at To register, you only need to supply your phone number, a valid password, and a one-time four-digit code that will be sent via SMS to verify ownership. You may also use your Google or Facebook account to access My Smart.

Once you’re logged in to My Smart, you will be redirected to the Account Summary page that shows your latest prepaid balance as well as your most recent recharge activity. Options for subscribing to promos and topping up with e-load offers are also available.


Save for the data charges for accessing the website, inquiring your load balance via My Smart is free.

myPLDT Smart mobile app

If you don’t want to access your My Smart account via a web browser, you can use its app instead. Note that the old MySmart app is gone. In its stead is a new app that consolidates PLDT’s services across all its networks, including Smart, TNT, and Sun Cellular. It’s called myPLDT Smart and can be downloaded at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The same My Smart account can be used for the app, so no need to register if you already have one. From my short time of using the app, I’ve found it to be cumbersome and full of bugs, which explains why it’s got a low rating at the app stores. But when it works, it does tell you your remaining balance.


GigaLife app A more stable app from Smart that you can use for inquiring about your balance is GigaLife, available at Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. Like the rest of the options above, GigaLife also allows you to subscribe to promos, check the status of your current subscriptions, and top up your phone load. Using the app to check your balance and use other features is free, but data charges may apply when you download it from the app stores.

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