It’s been announced that NOW Telecom tapped Nokia Bell Labs Consulting to design a 5G standalone (SA) in the Philippines as well as create a plan for a national broadband network.

For a quick background, Standalone 5G uses a 5G new Radio access network to distribute data to users. As the name suggests, this means that it no longer has to rely on the current 4G LTE network infrastructure as it can stand on its own.

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The agreement states that Nokia will have to design and implement a pilot 5G network on multiple sites around Metro Manila.

NOW Telecom was able to initiate such a move after it received a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).

As per Nokia, the creation of the 5G SA network design will help “address the growing demand for reliable and secure digital services” in the Philippines.

The adaption of 5G in the Philippines continues to grow with tons of 5G smartphones already sold in the Philippines and big mobile companies like Smart and Globe offering prepaid and postpaid plans specifically for 5G connectivity.

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