We’ve heard complaints from telcos blaming DPWH road works for damaging their fiber cables. Now, it looks like the culprit is another telco.

PLDT advised its customers in parts of Caloocan, Quezon City, and Bulacan that they may experience internet slowdown due to the damage its cables have encountered.

It’s said that the incident happened during an ongoing construction of a different telecommunications company.

The exact name of the competing telco was not mentioned, but this could possibly have happened by accident and not intentional — at least we hope so.


PLDT expects to have its services in the said areas back to normal by 12 PM today.

Incidents like this are almost inevitable. As you know, almost all telcos are putting in a lot of work to improve their services, as well as the DPWH, who are also tasked to continuously improve the roads in the country.

Let’s just hope that they will be more careful next time as internet connectivity has played a crucial role in terms of education and the economy since the health crisis started.

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