Professionals who are always on the go or are working remotely can check out PLDT Enterprise’s latest product, the Smart Bro 5G for business.

The Smart Bro 5G for business will bring the latest technologies the company offers to enterprise users.

All of PLDT Enterprise Smart Bro plans works with the latest 5G technology. For one, the Smart Bro Plan 1899 comes with 90GB of data, while the Smart Bro Plan 3500 has 200GB of all-access data.

As a bonus, subscribers can get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch when they pre-order the Smart Bro 5G starting March 10, 2021.

A PLDT Enterprise executive highlighted how this new plan could “unlock better efficiency and elevated ways of working”. As you know, 5G technology is a next-gen network standard that offers blazing download and upload speeds. A recent report from OpenSignal puts the Philippines in the top 2 spot in terms of 5G vs. 4G download speed improvement.

Being a new technology, there are a couple of things you should remember before getting one. First, you should own a 5G-ready SIM card, a 5G-enabled device, and lastly, you should be in an area where Smart 5G coverage is available.

Smart 5G Rocket WiFi

If you don’t own a Smart-certified 5G smartphone, PLDT Enterprise will be bundling a Smart 5G Rocket WiFi. As a benefit, this will help you save smartphone battery charge and easily share 5G internet connection with anyone.

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