The Philippines made it to the top list of OpenSignal’s latest 5G research.

In its 5G vs. 4G download speed ratio, the Philippines ranked second as our 5G connectivity is 10.1 times faster than 4G. We’re behind Thailand with 13.4 times, and above Saudi Arabia with 8.8 times.


However, the result of the government and local telco’s push to improve the internet services is seen here. In OpenSignal’s 5G vs. 4G video experience improvement, the country ranked first with 40% — a substantial distance over number two, Thailand.

But that necessarily means that Thailand and the Philippines have the fastest 5G speeds. That title belongs to South Korea, with average 5G download speeds of 354.4Mbps. Followed by UAE at 292.2Mbps and Taiwan at 272.2Mbps.


Still, OpenSignal notes that emerging markets see some of the biggest jumps in mobile internet thanks to 5G. Clearly, this latest wireless technology is upgrading the internet speeds for everyone.

Other than 5G-enabled smartphones, this latest wireless standard can also be used for households and other establishments.

Other than OpenSignal, SpeedTest creator Ookla also said that the internet in the Philippines did improve. However, we’re still one of the most expensive in Asia.

Source: OpenSignal

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