Enjoying your high-speed Internet connection? Many neighboring countries have it better. Some even offer it for cheap, at prices significantly more affordable than what our local telcos charge us for, according to a recently conducted survey.

As examined by consumer site Cable.co.uk, the average household in the Philippines spends $53.71 (approx. ₱2,600) per month for a fixed broadband Internet subscription. With that, the country ranks 119th out of 211 countries worldwide, and 23rd out of 27 Asian countries.

If we measure the cost of broadband per megabit per month, the Philippines average is $0.75. Cable.co.uk used a median estimate to calculate the average.


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Meanwhile, neighboring Vietnam has a monthly average of $11.27, or $0.17 per megabit. Taiwan up north averages at $23.67, or $0.28 per megabit. Singapore, the top-ranking country in ASEAN and worldwide in terms of fixed broadband speed, costs $33.43 on average (or $0.04 per megabit).

Worldwide, the cheapest broadband package is available in Ukraine at an average of $6.41 per month. East African country Eritrea has the most expensive fixed broadband at $2,666.24 per month.

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