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The term “Instagrammable” is a real word. It pertains to a place, food, or any object with great visual appeal that they will look really good on your social media feed.

Apparently, the Philippines is one of the most Instagrammable countries in the world. As per the travel website Big 7 Travel, the Philippines is the second most Instagrammable place in the world.

We were able to beat renowned places like Paris, France, New York City, and even London, England — some of the top tourist destinations known for their beauty, and only behind Tokyo, Japan, which took the top spot on this list.

Top 10 most Instagrammable places in the world

#1 Tokyo, Japan

#2 Philippines

#3 Paris, France

#4 New York City, United States

#5 Istanbul, Turkey

#6 Dubai, UAE

#7 Havana, Cuba

#8 Sydney, Australia

#9 London, England

#10 Chicago, United States

The article notes that the lockdown restrictions have brought a lot of eagerness worldwide to travel and head to bucket-list destinations. These are Instagram-worthy destinations — places where people can capture scenic beauty, culture, and food.

Big 7 Travel marveled at the Philippines’ “incredible natural wonders” like the underground rivers, tranquil rice terraces, and vibrant culture, and rich history. Plus, the over 7,500 islands.

Unlike the other places on the list, the website described that the Philippines is extremely Instagrammable as a whole. From the busy streets of Manila, the oasis of Boracay, and more.

The list was generated based on a scoring system analyzed by the number of hashtags posted per destination and survey results from Big 7 Travel’s 1.5 million audiences plus inputs from its editors.

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