Blackberry may not be as big as it was, but its intellectual property is still very relevant, even to this day. So much so that Chinese tech giant Huawei acquired 90 patents from them.

As per Blackberry, the transaction was minimal and was about patents in the United States. None of the ongoing arrangements have anything to do with the Canadian government, Blackberry’s original origin.

According to a patent lawyer, part of the transaction with Huawei is acquiring security-related patents from Blackberry. There is also some basic functionality, like how texts are presented, how GPS data are obtained, and more.

Going with Blackberry for security patents is actually a smart idea. They may went out of the limelight a decade ago, but top executives still use Blackberry phones due to their security features.

Blackberry CEO John Chen said that the company is starting to exit the smartphone business and focus on making software.

They spend their time catering licensing deals and selling existing patents, like this new one from Huawei. As well suing top companies like Twitter and Facebook for using its intellectual property without proper permission.

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