No internet speed is ever fast enough. This is why telco giant PLDT is introducing a new plan that’s easily the fastest in the country.

PLDT’s upcoming Fibr Plan will offer speeds of up to 10,000Mbps, or 10Gbps if you want the proper, non-marketing term. Sadly, the company is yet to reveal concrete details as to how much it cost, but they did detail its features and benefits.

Obviously, you can do pretty much anything with this internet speed. You can easily stream 4K or 8K videos, perfect for binge-watching hi-res movies or for gamers who use cloud gaming services.

Having this much bandwidth also has benefits for students and professionals. Imagine how fast a full video render would upload/download on this thing.


Game streamers, podcasters, and other content creators can also take advantage of having ultra-fast upload speeds. Plus, it should help power smart homes and other IoT products.

The company says that it can also cover up to 6,000 sq ft, perfect for big businesses and establishments.

PLDT notes that the service will have an 8Gbps (8,000Mbps) average speed, with 3Gbps (3,000Mbps) minimum speed at 80% reliability.

As stated earlier, PLDT is yet to announce the availability of its 10,000Mbps Fibr plan. In the meantime, you can check the current fastest plan that PLDT offers, which comes with 1000Mbps of speed, albeit the price is “available upon request”.

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