PLDT has finalized the sale of its telco towers, bringing in a total of Php39.2 billion.

Smart and Digitel completed the sale of 3,012 telecom towers, only a month after the telco revealed that its subsidiaries had signed agreements for the sale of its tower assets.

Back in April, it was announced that the company was set to sell off 5,907 tower assets and other related infrastructure to EdgePoint and edotco Group.

The PLDT group says additional sales are expected in the next few months, with the final closing expected in Q4 2022.


After the sale, Smart inked a 10-year leasing arrangement with the businesses who purchased the tower assets. They are anticipating Php2.6 billion yearly savings, largely from the telco tower maintenance and operations cost.

The sale and leaseback of PLDT’s towers is in accordance with the Philippine government’s “common tower policy,” which lets telcos lease towers rather than build their own to decrease maintenance costs. As a result, it could lower telecommunications service prices.

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