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Galaxy S8 and S8+ are just two of the latest and best phones in the market. Though it is quite pricey, it is a smartphone that is worth every single peso.

Luckily, Smart Communications decided to innovate their upsized postpaid plans with these smartphones. It is a big leap from the traditional ones it had before, making it easier to understand and more affordable for the people.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Smart Postpaid Plans: Get it for as low as Php1,899 per month

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are available as long as the two conditions are met

  1. Additional Php1,500 (to be paid monthly) on top of the chosen Postpaid plan
  2. One-Time cash out of Php5,000 Php3,000 for  Galaxy S8 and Php8,000 Php6,000 for Galaxy S8+ (UPDATED)

Plans between 399 to 799 have free access to apps like Viber, Messenger, and Whatsapp for 500MB/month while those subscribed to Plans 999 and up get a free access to  an app of their choosing for a month.

With that, anyone can get the Galaxy S8 or S8+ by providing the needed cash out and fees for the 24-month contract. But what is the best plan to choose from?

For the Samsung Galaxy S8, Plan 999 (with the additional Php1,500) is the best plan available. It gives users unlimited texts to all networks, 50-minute all-net calls and 10GB data – the same goes for Galaxy S8+. There are higher plans being offered with higher data capacity, customers may choose from them depending on how much time  and where they use the allocated data.

With the Php3,000 difference, one can choose the Samsung Galaxy S8+ if they have the means. Just a bit more saving and the Galaxy S8+ is theirs.

Those who will pre-order through the Smart Online store will get a Samsung Wireless Bottle Speaker (Php5,099). The bundle promo runs until May 04, 2017 or while stocks last.

For more information, visit the Smart page and check the details for yourself.

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