Smart Communications, pioneer of the 5G wireless connectivity in the Philippines, has reportedly activated more than 3,000 sites across the country as of May 2021, which further entrenches its position for having the fastest and widest 5G coverage in the country.

Wide-reaching in scope, the coverage also accounts for remote places, such as Argao’s Brgy. Linut-od in Cebu where telemedicine services for dialysis patients are taking place.

Making for one of the beneficiaries of the technology is dialysis patient Elena Camson who testified to the difficulty of having to travel long distances for medical check-ups prior to the establishment of 5G in the area.

Argao’s community doctor, Dr. Stanley Caminero, also highlights the benefit of the “strong network” in the telemedicine program which he claims is pivotal in interacting with clients virtually via Smart 5G.

With robustness that enabled high-quality video across devices, the physician also touts the network connectivity for being a pillar for “quality service and accurate diagnosis” of his patients.

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