A game based on the popular children show, Peppa Pig, is reportedly in the works.

Aptly called My Friend Peppa Pig, the game is being developed by Outright Games and will give audiences a journey in a cartoonish world, featuring the eponymous caricature itself.

Unlike the original show which involves Peppa Pig engaging audiences through direct conversations, the game will introduce a new character which will represent the player and will give the impression that they are in on the program.

Revolving around the world of anthropomorphic figures, the player will also take on the role of an animal character with relatable human characteristics. Essentially an avatar, players will have the ability to customize their character.

As for the game itself, it will revolve around the world established in the TV show, giving familiar audiences a trip across its iconic landmarks, such as Peppa’s own residence and the entire Potato City itself.

Aside from giving players intimate places to visit, the game will also highlight simple puzzle solving via their interactions with the title’s colorful characters.

Intended for international release for the PC and major consoles on Q3 2021, My Friend Peppa Pig will include support for multiple languages.

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