Smart Communications Inc. sweeps in OpenSignal’s latest mobile experience awards.

The company won in all categories, beating its only and main rival (at least for now), Globe Telecom. This means that Smart offers the best internet service in terms of video streaming, gaming, and voice app experiences. Plus, download and upload speed, and 4G availability and coverage.


Smart’s lead from Globe in video streaming, gaming, and voice app experiences are pretty substantial as it scored 60.9 (vs. 53.1), 47.1 (vs. 36.2), and 73.4 (67.2), respectively. That’s out of 100 points.


The average download speed of Smart is also substantially faster than Globe’s with 14.8Mbps (vs. 8.6Mbps). The average upload speed scores are pretty close since they are both disappointing: 3.8Mbps (vs. 2.3Mbps).



As for 4G availability, Globe was able to cut Smart’s lead by nearly a third as its availability score grew by 2.2%, while Smart is only at 0.7%, despite leading the race.

You can check OpenSignal’s website for the full and more comprehensive report.

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