Smart delivers communication aid to Tisoy victims


A bunch of private companies in the Philippines has provided an extra helping hand to those Filipinos affected by the Typhoon Tisoy that struck the country a couple of days back.

One of those companies is Smart Communications, which offered some of their services for free in affected areas of Typhoon Tisoy.

Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers from Quezon, Masbate, Surigao del Norte, and other affected areas got a free 300MB data package that allowed them to connect with their families locally and abroad, and get updates via the internet.

Both PLDT and Smart have also put up Libreng Tawag and charging stations that both residents and responders can use for free. The free service was primarily put up in areas where infrastructures were damaged and have limited to no power source.

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Smart Communications has also donated housing materials to those in Albay to help them rebuild their homes. Smart turned over 200 iron sheets to Team Albay Youth Organization.

All of these are part of PLDT and Smart’s #SafePH movement that pushes preparedness and fast response in case of emergencies with the help of network resilience, constant communication availability, and mobile solutions.


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