Smart and TNT prepaid subscribers can now enjoy free Facebook and Instagram access with select prepaid promos.

This is a recent announcement from PLDT’s mobile subsidiary Smart and TNT. Prepaid users of these two network providers will get 1GB of free access to two of the most popular and most-visited social media apps today: Facebook and Instagram.


Since these are the apps that a lot of people visit most of the time, it’s nice to know that FB and IG won’t make a big dent on the data allocation that you have paid for.

You can use this 1GB allocation to keep you updated on your friend’s Facebook status. Or, share all the pictures you have and short stories on Instagram.

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To avail of this special promo, you have to be subscribed to a prepaid promo that’s worth Php20 and up.

Then, you have to open your device’s dialer and key in *123# and pick the second option: FREE IG+ FB. You would then get notified right away if the registration has been successful.

The free 1GB of free Facebook and Instagram is valid until your registered prepaid promo is valid.

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