Globe prepaid subscribers can now enjoy free daily 1GB of Facebook and Instagram data allocation.

Prepaid subscribers can easily avail the Globe daily free 1GB of Facebook and Instagram once they’re subscribed to prepaid promos that are Php20 and up. These include promos such as the GoSURF50, GoUNLI95, GoUNLI180, and GoUNLI350.


Meanwhile, those who will register to any GoSakto (or GOTSCOMBODD) promos get a free 1GB of Facebook, Instagram, and Watch & Play apps daily. You can pretty much use it with whatever apps you want — from social media applications, Facebook, or play games like the Mobile Legends and the latest Call of Duty Mobile.

The interesting part is, you don’t have to do a separate registration to avail of this free 1GB data. Once you subscribe to any of the prepaid promos, you just have to wait for the confirmation letting you know that the free 1GB data is now available for your disposal.

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A notification from Globe will also let you know once the free 1GB of data is fully consumed.  So you are aware that you’re already using your paid data allocation.

Globe at Home subscribers can also enjoy daily 1GB of free YouTube once they’re subscribed to HomeSurf 199, 599, 999, and 1499.

The free daily 1GB of data for Globe prepaid and Globe at Home subscribers are valid for as long as the prepaid promos are.

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