XTREME is recently conquering new heights by coming up with tons of new tech and household products, including the new XTREME MF-4900s 49-inch Smart TV.

The company has launched tons of new products at attainable prices. They have air conditioning systems, washing machines, and more. But now, we’re taking a look at one of the products under their television line — the XTREME MF-4900S 49-inch Smart TV.

Right at first look, you can easily distinguish XTREME TVs from other normal televisions. That’s due to the thick bottom bezels that house a built-in soundbar.

It sure is a way better-sounding than what the built-in speakers that other smart TVs come with. It offers full sound, loud volume, with nice clarity and audible bass.


This is great for watching movies or listening to live music on YouTube. If you don’t have access to an external speaker, this will already do you good.

Other than the soundbar at the bottom, the XTREME 49-inch Smart TV has ultra-thin bezels all around. The bezels and the TV’s actual thickness are almost the same sizes at around 6.7mm.


Now, let’s talk about the actual screen. This one spans at 49-inches, with a 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It also has HDR support, which is starting to become a standard inclusion, even for a budget TV like this.

Display quality is fine for a budget TV. The colors are fine with the right amount of saturation. Also, the contrast might not be the best, but it’s all right for an IPS panel.


You’ll be injecting content on the XTREME MF-4900S 49-inch Smart TV via its three HDMI ports on the back. Or, any other media via the USB port. Other I/O includes an antenna port, 3.5mm headphone port, and optical out if you indeed decide to pick up external speakers.

We also have the traditional AV ports if you want to plug in an ABS-CBN TVPlus or any other legacy media players.


Since it’s a Smart TV, the XTREME MF-4900S needs to be connected to the internet so you can stream media. You do that via the LAN port on the back, or wirelessly via the built-in WiFi.

Speaking of streaming, the XTREME MF-400S 49-inch Smart TV comes preinstalled with Netflix and YouTube out of the box. You can download other streaming services, and other apps, via its own App Store.


The XTREME 49-inch Smart TV runs on Unique UI with Linux OS. The interface looks really clean and intuitive to navigate.

Everything is laid out vertically and labeled clearly so you can access them easily. It starts with the input selection, smart options, and all your apps.

XTREME included two types of remotes on the bag. There’s the standard one that comes with all buttons you need: channel select, media controls, dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons, thumbstick, and more.

We also have a smaller remote, with only the essential buttons of Netflix streaming. It’s easier to carry if you plan on just binge-watching all day. But if any of the two remotes went missing, there’s an easy-to-use D-pad on the back of the screen that’s really easy to use, even without looking.


The XTREME MF-4900S 49-inch Smart TV has a price of Php24,900. And with its large size, HDR support, intuitive interface, and built-in soundbar, this one is definitely one of the best value-oriented TVs for the price.

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