Smart’s GigaSurf 50 adds unlimited texting to all networks


Talk about a “GIGA”ntic announcement from Smart! Their GigaSurf 50 is now coming with an unli-text service to all networks.

Available for Smart prepaid subscribers, GigaSurf 50 comes with 1GB of data plus another 300MB for YouTube and iFlix services. But that only covers the mobile data aspect of your everyday usage. Now, Smart is finally including text messages in the mix so you won’t have to load up when you need to SMS someone.

To top it up, they even added the money-saving unlimited text to all networks.

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All of these services will be consumable for 3 days. Imagine the money you can save with this offer’s unlimited texting and data connection that is only Php50.

To avail the service, simply text GIGA 50 to 9999 and wait for the confirmation. If you want to register to other promos, check out the keywords and allocations here.


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