The current presidential administration has expressed its interest in extending the validity of prepaid loads. Last year, different government agencies have worked together to bring this vision to reality. And fast-forward to now, it finally bears fruit.

Both Smart Communications and Globe Telecom said that they will comply with the new Memorandum Circular No. 05-12-2017. The memorandum was passed by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

The memorandum applies to prepaid loads no matter what the denomination is.

Previously Smart Communications and Globe Telecom have already implemented this one-year validity rule on prepaid loads that are worth Php300 and up. But now, prepaid credits that are lower than Php300 will have a 12-month validity as well.

Smart Communications said that this new implementation will also apply to their other brands. This means that prepaid loads on Sun and TNT will last for one year. Also joining the party are Smart Bro, Sun Broadband Wireless, Smart Marino, Smart Link, PLDT Home, and PLDT Prepaid Landline Plus.

With this new implementation, subscribers can now freely consume their prepaid load whenever they want, without having to worry of an imminent expiry date.

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