Smart, one of Philippines’ biggest telecommunications company, has been ongoing in its goal to deliver better 4G quality and experience to its consumers. But in light of the knowledge about SIM-jacking which showcased the vulnerabilities and exploits to SIM cards, the company is changing the way it offers LTE to its consumer base.

The new method would revolve around users having to disable their SIM card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to enable LTE. The PIN being the point of the exploit which hackers were using to hijack their victims.

Nevertheless, Smart also appears to be employing a layer of protection for their subscribers’ LTE-enabled SIM cards, yet undisclosed due to security reasons.

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In the meantime, Smart prepaid users can check whether their SIM is LTE-enabled or not by sending a text, that is, SIMCHECK to 5832.

Users who are still stuck in a 3G SIM may either choose to make the upgrade or just buy a ready-made Smart 4G-enabled SIM, which will come with its new number. 

Smart is even encouraging their user base to upgrade to LTE now in order to experience a faster mobile internet as powered by the superior technology of 4G.

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