Smart Signature Plans launched


Smart Communications just announced a new product that reimagines the postpaid plans as we know it — the new Smart Signature Plans.

As the name suggests, the Smart Signature Plans are the grandest postpaid plans that the telco has come up with.

These new postpaid plan options from Smart centers in three new features. First, there’s the prioritized 4G LTE network. This lets you experience consistent connection in both data and calls/texts, even at peak hours.

The Signature Plan also lets you stay in control of your usage and billing. Smart will be sending you usage alerts and real-time billing, to prevent surprise charges and bill-shock. You can also use the myPLDT Smart app as a more intuitive way to manage your plan.

Speaking of charges, Smart’s latest plan wants you to stay worry-free as it comes with generous data allocations and unlimited on-net calls and all-net texts.

Smart Signature Postpaid Plans

Monthly PlansDataAnyNet Calls
Smart Signature Plan S 99910GB150mins
Smart Signature Plan M 149920GB250mins
Smart Signature Plan L 199930GB350mins
Smart Signature Plan XL 299960GB650mins
Smart Signature Plan S w/ device 9995GB50mins
Smart Signature Plan M w/ device 1499910GB100mins
Smart Signature Plan L w/ device 199915GB150mins
Smart Signature Plan XL w/ device 299930GB300mins

* All plans come with unlimited On-Net calls and AnyNet texts

If you want to learn more or already sign up with the latest Signature Plans, you can check out Smart’s website here.


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