Starlink, the satellite internet service of SpaceX, the aerospace company owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk, will move its commercial rollout in the Philippines to the middle of next year.

It’s been previously confirmed that the Starlink commercial rollout in the Philippines will happen on December 2022. Now, it’s been reported that it’s been moved to mid-2023, albeit no official date has been given.

During the 2022 EJAP Infrastructure Forum, DICT assistant secretary Philip A. Varilla said that SpaceX needs to launch 4,400+ satellites, and launching a satellite is apparently very difficult. SpaceX said that they can hit the target and that the internet service will be “available that time”.

For those who are not familiar, the aforementioned satellites are low-orbit ones, which are used to beam internet directly to users via a household dish receiver and a special modem.


Starlink is meant to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to far-flung areas where traditional fiber internet can’t make it due to infrastructure and cost limitations.

The DICT already announced that it will be using the technology for its Broadband ng Masa program which aims to provide a community internet connection to remote areas. This project makes sense considering how much a Starlink service costs.

Recently, Starlink announced a price increase in the United States. From USD499, the starter kit now costs USD599 (around Php35,400). The monthly fee increased by USD10 to USD110 (around Php6,500).

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