Travel has never been the same since COVID-19 struck. And while the restrictions have been eased that we appear to be transitioning back to “normal,” variants of the dreaded virus remain—and it can be quite literally anywhere with breathing space. Do not fall victim to a condition that you could otherwise prevent by simply breathing clean and safe air, made possible by Cherry Ion.

With the power to emit up to 200 million/cm3 negative ions, this bespoke wearable air purifier is capable of killing germs, bacteria, allergens, as well as airborne viruses for up to 12 hours. Consequently, Cherry Ion helps you avoid certain diseases borne from these pathogens, such as common colds, seasonal flu, hay fever, asthma, and potentially, COVID-19.

Coming in with multiple colors to choose from, the Cherry Ion easily complements whatever getup you may be having for the outdoors, whether to contrast a hue for accentuation or otherwise to blend with a particular shade scheme.

Designed to be lightweight, users swear how they would often forget they have it hanging on their necks, which only goes to say how convenient having a Cherry Ion as an outdoor accessory.

Get the Cherry Ion for a safe excursion at the Cherry Shop for only Php1,499.

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