September 30 is the day when Pinoy subscribers can switch between mobile networks without losing their current phone numbers. From that day onwards, telcos estimate that at least 1 million of their subscribers will switch to another provider.

The Telecommunications Connectivity Incorporated expects this number of people participating in the switch to another network, even though they’ve seen as much as 30% of subscribers porting out in other countries.

TCI is a joint venture of the Smart, Globe, and DITO for carrying out the Mobile Number Portability Act. Signed in 2019, the act allows both prepaid and postpaid subscribers to port out to a different mobile carrier for free and keep their original number. The act also keeps telcos on their toes and ensures their subscribers remain satisfied lest they port out.

Before switching, subscribers must not have any financial obligations from their current service provider. There’s also a two-month waiting period to prevent successive switches between networks.

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