Transpacific Broadband Group International Inc. (TGBI) of Arsenio Ng is starting a micro-satellite project as it proposes a five-year program for a private-public partnership (PPP) with the Philippine government.

TGBI, in a filing to the stock exchange, explained that micro-satellite technology has the capacity to provide 10Gbps of internet under Ka or Ku bands. It could apparently connect 10,000 sites, each with 50Mbps speeds.

With the partnership, TGBI said that the Philippine government has the ability to own, control, and operate their own satellite that can be used for civilian or military purposes, and providing internet to rural communities for different applications meant for delivering government services.

The TGBI will then benefit by making money from the internet distribution to private entities.


Moreover, TBGI will join the bidding for the Php1.6 billion nationwide internet service project of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

TGBI added that they will create a joint venture or consortium with entities that can supply the required bandwidth of the DICT.

The company will also host the earth station and provide its telecom franchise to comply with the bid requirements and permit to operate as a telecom service business in the Philippines.

What’s more, the TGBI got approval from its board for a Php100 million budget to be invested in Internet-of-Things solutions for different industries in the Philippines.

Source: Manila Standard

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