Popular MMORPG Black Dessert Mobile is getting an overhaul to its Nightmare content, bringing not only a new map and world boss but also an updated label to establish the landmark changes.

Dubbed “Twisted Nightmare,” this enhanced rendition of the existing Nightmare content, known for its mix of PvE and PvP, elevates the game’s challenges with new bosses (PvE) in addition to the existing threats posed by other Adventurers themselves (PvP).


While a scary place for any Adventurer to get into, players will want to take the risk for the handsome prizes that await. Specifically, players can get their hands on multiple rewards, ranging from the Root of Sorcery, Chaos Jewel, and Ah’krad, commensurate to the individual player’s performance against the realm’s toughest boss, Turaka.

However, Adventurers will also want to join the foray as part of a guild to survive and beat other challengers, while simultaneously earning “Nightmare Fragments” that can then be used to reap Guild Benefits.


Divided into a total of three, the difficulty varies depending on the Adventurer’s Combat Points. Each level can accommodate as many as 135 Adventurers but will soon enter an unstable state when exceeding that number and will remain so until the overall is reduced to less than 120. Meanwhile, external players are prohibited from entering whenever a level is in its volatile state.

Furthermore, the Northeast Kamasylvia region has opened for the Navarn Steppe, which comes with its storied adventure and a new world boss, Ahib’s Griffon, that players can complete for rewards, including Ancient Inscribed Glyph, Akhram Prophecy 100%, Chaos Crystal, and Chaos Jewel.

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