Every year, a new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team claims the championship title at the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC). And much to the delight of Filipino fans, the recently culminated MSC 2022 saw yet another Philippine-based team reign supreme.

Just as a refresher, here’s the list of MSC winners over the years, from the most recent and all the way to the first one that kicked it off in 2017.

MSC 2018Aether Main
MSC 2019ONIC Esports
MSC 2020None
MSC 2021Execration
MSC 2022RSG Philippines

MSC 2022 Champion: RSG Philippines

After an initial loss that sent them to the lower bracket, RSG Philippines managed to climb back and win with a sweeping 4-0 victory in the best-of-seven grand finals. This is the third time a Philippine team has bagged the gold medal and further widened the country’s lead over other competing Southeast Asian countries. This year’s MSC has the biggest prize pool so far at $300,000.

MSC 2021 Champion: Execration

Execration took the crown in the online-only MSC 2021, beating Blacklist International in an all-Filipino championship showdown. Blacklist initially came out strong and won the first match, but Execration bounced back and secured the next four rounds to win $70,000 out of the tournament’s $150,000 total prize pool.


MSC 2020 Champion: None

Like other international events at the time, MSC 2020 was canceled because of the global health crisis.

MSC 2019 Champion: ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports of Indonesia emerged victorious at the MSC 2019, winning around $69,000 from the approximately $144,000 prize pool. The participating teams from the Philippine–ArkAngel and Bren Esports—landed in the third and seventh place, respectively.

MSC 2018 Champion: Aether Main

The year 2018 was when the Philippines had its first team ever to win the MSC tournament. Aether Main dominated the grand finals with a 3-0 record against the other Philippine team Digital Devils Pro. The prize pool back then was $100,000 spread among the teams, with Aether Main taking $34,000.

MSC 2017 Champion: IDONOTSLEEP

IDONOTSLEEP Esports of Thailand is the first team ever to win the MSC championship, which was also Moonton’s first official major esports competition. The team took $50,000 from the $100,000 prize pool.

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