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China would opt for a TikTok shutdown than concede to a forced sale by the US


In light of Donald Trump’s recently released executive orders that mandate the selling of TikTok assets in its US operations, the Chinese government is taking a defiant stance that sees it wanting to shut down the popular app instead of selling it via ByteDance, as per three anonymous sources who relayed the information to Reuters on Friday.

ByteDance, the company behind the massively prominent application, however, is considering of selling to potential buyers, which, among others, included Oracle and Microsoft. It has until mid-September to close a deal of its selling or otherwise face prohibition of operation within the US.

Many Chinese officials find the idea of giving in to the demands of Washington to make China appear weak, cite a few sources who claim knowledge of the situation but chose to remain anonymous due to the topic’s sensitivity.


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However, ByteDance suggested never having heard from the Chinese government about the push for the closure instead of sale.

As of August 28, 2020, the Chinese government has taken the step in revisioning the process that enables the export of technologies coming through it, which includes TikTok’s “recommendation” algorithm.

Source: Reuters

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