When we say ‘family,’ pets—dogs and cats, mostly—are considered a member of this loving group. Losing a family member is extremely painful. Fortunately, a toy maker in the Philippines has found a way to help assist grieving fur parents.

David Tan, owner of Pampanga Teddy Bear Factory, has received countless orders to help memorialize pets ranging from dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and more. He has 20 employees working behind the scenes to make these realistic stuffed animals possible.

First, the pet parent sends a photo of his or her fur baby; then, the team closely studies every detail. They then create the replica with synthetic fur airbrushed to get accurate details such as the color and markings of the pet.

While some people equate it to taxidermy—the technique used to preserve an animal that we can appreciate up close in museums—Tan says that his team’s works are purely stuffed toys like the teddy bears we have come to love.

If you want to order your plushie, this will cost you about Php3,500. Many satisfied customers have praised the item as worth the price, because it greatly resembles their beloved companions they have lost.

Yes, there have been numerous ways to honor a deceased pet’s life, such as giving them a proper wake or having them cremated, but many have come to recognize Tan’s pet plushies as a heart-warming tribute to our dear pets.

Via: Reuters

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