There’s no denying that Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the Philippines being used by Filipinos of all ages. It has been a medium for friends and family to catch up, no matter how far away they are from each other.

Cheaper than regular voice calls and SMS (especially for families abroad), Facebook has played a crucial role in connecting Filipinos not just locally, but also on a global scale. So, it’s important that users have a way to use Facebook, even if they are out and don’t have WiFi connectivity.

Fortunately, there are telcos who are offering affordable data promos so Filipinos can still access Facebook even if they are on a tight budget. One of them is Smart’s TNT, which has a promo called TNT FB10.


What is TNT FB10?

As the name suggests, the TNT FB10 is a prepaid promo from TNT that offers 1GB of data that users can use on Facebook for 3 days. All for a very affordable price of only Php10.

How to register TNT FB10

Simply text FB10 or FACEBOOK10 and send it to 4545. That’s how easy it is to register for this Facebook promo from TNT.

How many GB is included in TNT FB10?

TNT’s FB10 prepaid promo comes with 1GB of Facebook access that you can use for three (3) days.

Bear in mind that 1GB is for the whole three days and doesn’t refresh every day. That feature is only available on the GIGA promos.

How many days is TNT FB10 valid?

The TNT FB10 and its 1GB of Facebook have a validity of 3 days only.

Can I use TNT FB10 on the Facebook app?

Yes. The FB10 promo can be used on both the Facebook website and the mobile app on Android and iOS.

Why can’t I register for TNT FB10?

According to TNT, the promo is available nationwide. However, it may be unavailable in select areas. It could also be an isolated case that can be solved by changing SIM cards.

These are all the things you should know about TNT FB10, an affordable prepaid promo that lets you stay online and connected via Facebook.

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