The days of criminals masquerading as PLDT employees who illicitly gather clients’ modems are over as the giant telecommunications company goes after them to put an end to their scheme.

In a warning to the public, PLDT Inc. calls for its customers to be vigilant against persons who are claiming to be employees of the company and are taking modems purportedly for repairs or replacement.

PLDT First Vice President Cathy Yang encourages their clients to limit their transactions to bonafide PLDT personnel only, especially if indoors, and in case of doubt, to have said individuals be identified through their IDs.


Iterating the process involved, Yang said that legitimate PLDT employees will never collect modems from customers without replacing them beforehand.

While, on the surface, PLDT’s efforts are aimed solely at securing assets, Yang claimed that it is only a fraction of a wider program whose goal is to provide their valued customers with a better experience on the network.


Concerns were especially raised in Mindanao, particularly Cotabato, Davao City, General Santos City, and Zamboanga, following reports of subscribers claiming unknown individuals posing as PLDT personnel entering homes and collecting fiber optic modems.

Consequently, PLDT has enabled 164 hotlines for gathering reports on similar cases.

Additionally, PLDT is also leading an informal alliance aimed at protecting telecommunications infrastructure across the country via the National Telecommunications Security Council.

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