If you want to start a YouTube channel and create unboxing videos, Filipino actor Matteo Guidicelli’s unboxing of the PlayStation 4 Pro will show you what not to do.

First, do not admit you’re bad at unboxing videos, just like it’s generally discouraged in any presentation to admit to your audience how nervous you are. 

Second, and more importantly, do not carelessly rip the package open. Gamers won’t like it. Whether because it’s cool, part of the warranty, or helps with the resale value, the packaging should be handled with care. 

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And third, do not unbox with such a detached, indifferent demeanor. The point of unboxing videos is to unwrap-by-proxy, so others can enjoy the process of unpacking a much-desired item. 

I repeat, if you want to do unboxing videos, don’t do what Matteo did. This being his first unboxing video, Matteo garnered 40 thousand dislikes versus over 5 thousand likes.

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