Let’s take a quick break on the mobile news and take a look at an interesting and knowledge filled video. We all had the dream to fly high in the sky and soar with the clouds above. Oh, I really love my childhood. Hey, in case you’re interested in how Jetpacks work (like me!), you might want to check the video embedded in this post.

[two_fifth]You need to watch this video! Trust me, it’s very informative.[/two_fifth]

Admit it, there are instances that you want to sport that awesome Jetpack that’s seen on Jetpack Joyride, or you plainly want to fly endlessly like the Iron Man in the latest android game. We all have that fantasy that someday, we can finally experience flying like a bird at some point. But before thinking about riding a jetpack, you might find this informative video useful to have a better understanding on how they work.

The Jetpack Rocket Science [Video]

If you’re not fond of science and mathematics, bear with the physics part and just enjoy the little pieces of information that can be acquired. Trust me, it’s very informative. Have you ever dreamed of flying? Come on, don’t deny it!

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