Are there any Iron Man fans here? Hey, anybody? Oh, there you are! I know you’ve watched Iron Man 3 already (and if you still haven’t, you should!) but here’s a new game that should get you excited – the official Iron Man 3 game is now available for download at Google play!

You’ll play as Iron Man/Tony Stark and you’ll be tasked to face your villains in the comics which include Living Laser, M.O.D.O.K, Crimson Dynamo, and Ezekiel Stane. Iron Man should find a way to save the world on these villains and along the progress of the game you’ll be able to develop 18 different suits to spice up the game and some of them are: Silver Centurion, MARK II, and MARK 42.

Google Play Download

In this endless flyer, you will surely be hooked as you take on the role of the wealthy superhero that everyone admires. You can download the game for FREE on Google Play, though I expect that it includes some in app purchases somewhere down the road to help you conquer the challenges in the game.

If your 3G or LTE connection isn’t that fast, you might want to turn to Wi-Fi as this download is a staggering 795MB. If you’re in, then hit the download link above to enjoy the android game.

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