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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

| On 13, May 2012

The last couple of weeks, I was busy writing tech news and I haven’t done any guides then. In the next few  days, I will burst out 3 rooting tutorials for the most common android phones Pinoys have in order to give them a slight lift and help them find it here. The first stop is how to root Samsung Galaxy Mini. The procedure we are going to use also applies to “other” android but be sure to check it before using.


DISCLAIMER: NoypiGeeks will not be responsible for any damage   that may possibly occur to your device in any part of the process although it is unlikely to happen if you’ll follow the instructions carefully. Root at your own risk.


Rooting a Samsung phone if you’re running Android 2.2.1 Froyo is very easy and it can be done in just a few steps. 

[important]NOTE: If you don’t have Samsung Kies installed, download the Samsung Galaxy Mini drivers.[/important]

  1. Download  SuperOne Click v1.7 HERE.
  2. Enable USB debugging in your phone. Go to Settings>Applications>Development. Put a check mark to the box.
  3. Launch the software on your desktop. It is portable and doesn’t need installation. Your antivirus might detect it as a malware but don’t mind it. It’s fine. Here is a sample of the UI of SuperOne Click.
  4. Super-One-ClickConnect your phone with the use of a USB cable.
  5. Click on the Root Button and patiently wait for the process to finish.
  6. Voila! You now have a rooted android phone.
If your Samsung Galaxy Mini is running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, don’t be sad. I have another way for you. Follow this simple steps below.
  1. Download the needed zip file HERE. I suggest to download it directly to your phone and put it in the root of your SD card (not in any folder). If you downloaded it using a computer, transfer it to your SD card.
  2. Turn off your phone and got to recovery mode by pressing the HOME+POWER BUTTON simultaneously.
  3. Choose “Apply update from SD card”. Use the volume rocker for navigation.
  4. Choose the zip file you downloaded and wait for it to finish.
  5. Your phone will automatically reboot. If not, reboot it yourself. Done!
To check if you’re really successful, see your app drawer and look for the superuser icon.
Questions? Doubts? Post them below and I’ll answer them.

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  • Jhakjaq

    i followed this with my GTi5503 and it worked perfectly. =) thank you

    • NoypiGeeks

      No problem. =)

      • dream

        hi.. i just follow the steps and it appears na successfully rooted na ung phone pero nung nsa phone na sya nag downlod aq ng rootchecker sa google play and it says na my deivice does not have proper root access.. pero nag appear na ung superuser icon sa menu ng pone ko.. tnx..

  • noemi

    how do I choose “apply update from sd card”? It doesn’t respond to my touch. :( Yung phone ko po ba ang may prob? T___T

    • drea

      try nyo po gmtin ung volume up and down as scroll.. :-)

  • noemi

    Ay! Okay na po, Sir. Thank you!^^ Sorry, engs lang. hehe

    • NoypiGeeks

      No problem. Next time, be sure to read the instructions carefully so you won’t get into problems. Okay? =)

  • mighty randy

    ano po ba pipindutin kapag ‘home’?? ty po

    • NoypiGeeks

      What do you mean? Please explain the problem further so that I can help you.

  • Htileamas

    bakit may mga surveys yung download mo?.. eh free lang naman yung tools na yan. pinagkakakitaan nyo yung gawa at idea ng iba tapos di man lang kayo nagbigay ng credits sa sources nyo.

    • NoypiGeeks

      Dude these links are not mine. It was taken from other sources so the surveys are not mine too. Why would I bother uploading them myself? It is the uploader who locked it and I can’t do anything about that. When I first got it it was not locked. Anyway, you can just find another link. Credits are given where it is due so can you please tell me who’s the very first maker of this tutorial? Hindi ko po siya pinagkakakitaan kung gusto nyo po ireupload nyo at ibigay niyo sakin ang link para mailagay ko dito. Mahirap din kasi maghanap ng link para sa downloads na yan at yan lang ang nakita ko. Salamat.

  • sam

    done it perfectly, thanks to the step-by-step tutorial! now all i should do is discover more of the capabilities of my rooted mini, i hope you can post more about rooted stuffs heheh. thanks!

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  • Red

    How will I know if the process is done? I’m not sure if it froze or nagmamadali lang talaga ako? lol. Anyway, the last sentence was “Running psneuter” and it’s not doing anything na. I checked if i have the Superuser app, but wala pa din, so does that mean hindi pa tapos yung pag-root?

    • NoypiGeeks

      yes, you’re unsuccessful.

      • mel

        hello po ganyan din ung nangyari sakin ano po bang gagawin?

        • NoypiGeeks

          Try to repeat the process.

          • mel

            ok po

          • mel

            matagal po ba talaga un??

          • mel

            matagal po ba yan?

  • Flint

    kylangan bang tanggalin muna ang memory card? thanx

    • flint

      nevermind poh. thank u so much successful root poh..,

      • tuffy

        tatanggalin po yun
        tapos kuha ka dikdikan ng paminta ..
        dikdikin mo maigi tapos pahid mo sa muka

  • Pao Pagarigan

    not responding po ung superone click. pano po un?

  • myomyint

    i can’t download the zip’s be download unsuccessful .why?

    • getvinay

      close any running antivirus software and then try again

  • Marvindicate

    ung galaxy mini ko 2.3.4 GB then pag na choose ko na update from sd d nkkta ung file na na-dl ko., is anything wrong?

  • jc

    done rooting my gingerbread 2.3.4 the app superuser is there now the only thing that bothers me now is how could i apply or use it bec it says no app on list please help me

  • Jon

    boss, gagana ba ito sa myphone a618 tv duo? 2.3.6 OS?

  • Bryan

    May virus po ba ito? sabi kasi sakin malware blocked?? blah blah blah..

    • NoypiGeeks

      Are you referring to Super One Click? Don’t mind it. It’s normal.

  • mel

    kailangan po ba ung samsung kies?

  • mel

    “Running psneuter” hanggang dito p lng ano po hihintayin pa..

  • NoypiGeeks

    Gano katagal niyo na po ba nahintay? Try nyo po sa ibang PC.

    • mel

      kailangan po ba tangalin ung memory card?

      • NoypiGeeks

        hindi naman po kailangan.

  • shanu roy

    yeahhh its vryyy easyy nd workk properlyyy

  • McMacky

    .. is it working on myphone a618 tv duo? did you try it recently? thnx

  • mavric

    sir nag not responding sakin..

  • toure

    i have downloaded the superclick app but it is not opening in my computer it is showing it is not suppourted??

    • Ankit

      try button saviour..!

  • Ankit

    Thnx mate,, working Perfectly…!

  • mini

    hi po salamt successfull ung pag root ng mini ko , may tanong lang po ako kapag bubuksan ko ung superuser icon nakalagay no apps in list , normal lang ba yun , paano ggwin ko sir ? :)

    • tuffy

      kuha ka martilyo pukpokin mo ..


  • yc

    it stucked…at “running psneuter”

  • Wade

    its stuck at ADB server what do i do?

  • Wade

    * killing ADB server

  • Vids

    using GT-S5570 – Android 2.2.1

    Followed all the process
    on superoneclick status

    SuperOneClick v1.7.0.0

    Killing ADB Server…


    Starting ADB Server…

    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

    * daemon started successfully *


    Waiting for device…


    Pushing psneuter…

    910 KB/s (585731 bytes in 0.628s)


    chmod psneuter…


    Running psneuter…



    But no application list on the apps tab of superuser application – Please help

  • jet

    to add to the 2.3.4 gingerbread tutorial. you should download the ” LINK2SD ” app. it can be downloaded from play store. this is the last step for rooting

  • Himyan

    hey how will you know if updating has completed . Samsung galaxy mini GT-s5570
    android 2.3.4

  • ryuzukie

    pls help pohh ayaw na pohh ma open nang pone ko..hanggang sa welcome logo nlang pohh..ano po pwede kung gawin

    • fail

      congrats mukang nasira mo na phone mo

      • youngcrix


  • ryuzukie

    plss help my phone always on sa welcome logo..what can i do to repair it????

    • fail


      • ianne llemos

        hard reset

  • Bed Lazebeu

    i cannot download the upd file directly from my mini… is there any option that doesnt let me download it??

  • mikael

    not with the ok

  • uffek

    thx. finally got rid of hangouts blocking updates due to limited space.
    i installed update provided here and then titanium backup free version to remove hangouts.

  • TheMelancholicAlcoholic

    30virus scanners say this zip file has viruses

  • noobzzz

    Sa mga nagtatanong kung bakit may detection, maghanap kayo ng SUPERONECLICK na WALA. LOL

    Developer na mismo nagsabi niyan nuon pa mga NOOB. Talagang meron yan.

  • asimkureshi

    Kindly urgently advise, as my phone is not recovering when pressing
    menu+power button. My phone is dead? Even not responding for charging.

  • Ansar

    I want to lock a folder in my Samsung Galaxy Mini GT S5570 please help me

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  • Frank

    “Running psneuter…
    adb server is out of date. killing…”
    What will i do with this ? Is there any other superclick update ?

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