Lenovo introduced a pretty bizarre but actually kinda smart product during the IFA 2022. Check out the new Lenovo Glasses T1.

Unlike the Google Glass, the Lenovo Glasses T1 is essentially an FHD TV or monitor that you can wear.



It is a pair of glasses with two 1080p FHD micro-OLED screens on each lens with a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

The goal is to have a more immersive monitor/TV experience. It is more compact and convenient, too. It also offers an extra level of privacy as everything is projected directly to your eyes.


But, don’t go walking around with it. The device is meant to be used sitting down as it may obscure your vision completely. Plus, it is not wireless as you’d be feeding the video from your computer via USB Type-C.

More than Windows computers, it can also be used for Android smartphones, tablets, and even Macs. Meanwhile, iOS devices will have to connect to the glasses via Lenovo’s HDMI adapter and Apple’s Digital TV adapter.


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It then has built-in speakers for the audio, with volume controls right temple, and comes with different nose pads.

Like a lot of products launched at IFA 2022, this is more like a teaser of what’s to come. Hence, the official price for the Lenovo Glasses T1 is yet to be announced.

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