UGREEN unveiled its revolutionary 300-watt charging adapter—one so potent that it could amply provide a laptop along with four other devices their needed juices simultaneously.

To come out with a retail price of $269 around mid-August, per UGREEN spokesperson Roger Wan, the device comes with four USB Type-C slots and a single USB Type-A slot.

One of the four Type-C slots is capable of providing up to 140W of energy, thanks to the charger’s PowerDelivery 3.1, it could fast charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro via the MagSafe 3 USB Type-C cable, while not running short on energy to charge four other devices, all at the same time.

Based on the chart shown by UGREEN, the 300W gallium nitride (GaN) charger is capable of delivering essential energy to up to five different devices by splitting the max wattage of 300W across all ports, depending on the overall number of connected devices.


For instance, the first USB Type-C port can maximize up to 140W, which is ideal for charging something as power-hungry as a laptop, while giving way for 65W, 45W, and 20W for the succeeding ports in addition to the 22.2W in the USB Type-A port.

Meanwhile, the second and third ports can reach up to 100W each, if fewer than four devices—subject also to the power demand of each device—are being charged concurrently.

For something as critical as serving as a conduit for energy for devices, there is a natural cause for concern regarding the temperature, especially when UGREEN’s previous Nexode 140W charger is seen to suffer from overheating.

But while that provides a rather concerning precedent, UGREEN’s upcoming 300W charger still makes for an interesting and exciting piece of hardware that could have the potential to become a household name among techies, if that issue is at least addressed.

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