One of our readers recently gave us a heads up on a conversation at StarMobile’s official Facebook page. He noticed that when a commenter asked if StarMobile will launch their own 5.0-inch android phone just like MyPhone and Cherry Mobile, the person behind the StarMobile page outed an interesting response.

[divider] [/divider]Here’s their conversation.

Commenter: “Will Starmobile be releasing a 5.0-inch dual-sim phone?”

Happy Man by StarMobile: “We’ve got more surprises coming your way, Sir ;) Glad to hear from you :D:D

Happy Man by StarMobile:  “Believe me, Sir Oenone, we’ve got some really cool surprises by December.”

Commenter: “I am looking at the Cherry Mobile Titan right now. Can you give me a teaser on why should I wait for December para at least I’ll get a reason to hold on.”

Happy Man by StarMobile: “Good Day Sir Oenone! At Starmobile, quality is our highest priority :):) We make sure that when we sell a product, we can back it up through tried and tested quality assurance :):) Thanks!”

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[two_fifth]”We’ve got some really cool surprises by December – Starmobile”[/two_fifth]

So what do these statements really mean? Yes, we’ll probably see a 5.0-inch android phone from StarMobile this December – if we got it right. For all people who are currently looking to the current set of 5.0-inch Droids in the market right now, you might want to wait and see what StarMobile has in store for us.

Anybody here who’s excited about this development? Or are you pissed for getting the Starmobile Astra this early?

Thanks, Vincent!

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  1. I’m also looking forward to 10-inch tablets that they might release soon. If I am not mistaken, Engage 9 is a 9-inch tablet, right? If they release a 10-incher, I guess I’ll be ready to grab one.

    My name guess : Starmobile Engage 10 Prime

  2. OK JM, following you on Twitter now. Are either Cherry Mobile or Star reliable enough for a MAC ‘ iPhone guy? Thank you.

  3. star needs to show a teaser already like how the 919 picture already showed up today. There are rumors the 919 release which was mentioned to be first week of december may be moved back one week or last week of nov. Be it 919, titan I hope people who are going to buy this with the intention of heavy gaming with 3d games , realize that unless rooted you are not going to be able to save game apps to the sd card Sa internal lang siya talaga na sa save. Since ICS ganoon na, even the apps2sd app itwont work. Sa 4gb about 2+gb lang left for the user . Rooting is the only way to go to save games to SD. No info out yet how to root this unit but people are working on this already. 2gb+ just aint enough

  4. It seems that the three giant Pinoy mobile companies are trying to outdo one another. Let’s see who’ll win the race. It’s a win-win situation for both the companies and the consumers.