Adobe Photoshop Touch is already being enjoyed by tablet users as early as November last year but smartphone users were left out because of the lack of real estate. Now, Android and iPhone users will get treated with the app’s scaled down and smartphone optimized Photoshop Touch.

There is already a Photoshop app available called as the Photoshop Express but due to its underwhelming features, it didn’t get much fans. Actually, it’s a shame for PS because it only has the basic features and there are tons of great alternatives which surpassed it effortlessly.

In case you already have the Photoshop Touch on your iPad, that will not give you the privileged to download the iPhone version for Free because it requires a separate purchase. The same thing goes with the android version as the app is separated from the earlier release on tablets.

Download Photoshop Touch for Android

Adobe Photoshop Touch is now available on both iOS and Android and it can be downloaded on their respective App stores. However, you should have at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Android while the minimum requirement for the iPhone is iOS 6 and it’ll only work for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

The Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android costs $4.99. Download it on Apple’s App store.

Source: Adobe

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