Today we will tackle about an awesome game brought to us by the Andoop Team, Zombie Fishing. This addictive android game is about a zombie that catches and eats fishes because he doesn’t to hurt humans.


The objective of the game is to catch as many fish as you can by avoiding the fishes as your hook goes down deeper into the water. Therefore, you will have a vast amount of time to catch fishes and lure them to your hook as it goes up when you reach your maximum length (upgradeable). When you are about to get the fishes you have to slice them( like Fruit Ninja ) so that you could earn coins to buy new equipments in the store. This game is quite simple and easy but it will definitely get you hooked immediately as it never fails me whenever i have nothing to do. This great game is available in the Google Play Store absolutely FREE! Download this game now and start having fun. Enjoy!


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