If you’re one of the folks who used Apex Launcher as your main app for your android device, you might want to update it to get the new features the Android Does development team added.

The major improvement that you’ll first notice to this Android Launcher is the ability to create folder in the app drawer which is definitely long overdue. Nova and Go Launcher had this feature for a long time already and Apex got a little to late in the party. But still, this support will be welcomed with open arms. Other improvements include the notification badge support and Apex notifier.

But even you are still on the free version, which is enough for the basic needs, you should still see significant updates. The free version now has support for altering vibration duration, updated translations, better wallpaper and activity picker, and a tinkered menu settings layout.

Download Apex Launcher on Google Play

If you haven’t upgraded to the paid version of Apex Launcher, now is the best time to do so! But in case you’re a new comer in the android world, I highly suggest that you give the free version a test drive to have an idea how it works and all the functions it has. Go ahead and check it out through this Play Store link.

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