Google’s resource page for the upcoming Philippine elections has been getting large number of visits from over 50 different countries around the world. The page collects the most relevant updates regarding the elections and put them on one page for people to have an easier web browsing.

Google partners with the top news sites and broadcast networks including GMA, ABS-CBN, SolarTV, and PTV. For online news portals, they tapped,,, and to have an even more intense and wider coverage. All their election-related news and articles are now being covered in one platform through the partnership with Google.

Basically, they’re trying to give us more knowledge on the incidents and reports that happen which could drastically influence are insights and votes this May 13.

“We are proud to see that many Filipinos outside the Philippines are finding the site helpful. The
millions of overseas Filipinos, including the 700,000 registered absentee voters abroad, are out
of reach of the candidates’ traditional campaign propaganda. Through the site, we are able to
make election-related information accessible to them, helping them make their decision come
election day,” said Narciso Reyes, Google Philippines Country Manager.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you might want to go to

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