Globe Rewards Press Briefing

Globe Rewards unveiled new partners and offers yesterday, making their customer rewards program more flexible and accessible at the same time. Points already allow you to redeem telecom service promos, leisure items and gadgets, but now you can even them to pay for real life purchases. Pretty neat!

Redeeming these offers is pretty easy too. Just text BUY <space> MOBILE # OF MERCHANT <space> AMOUNT and send to 4438. Each point is equal to one peso, so it’s a straightforward conversion that should allow you to determine what kind of offers you can take advantage of with the points you have more easily.

Globe Rewards Points Requirements
Minimum point requirements with partner merchants

The list of partner merchants is still quite short at the moment, but a lot of them are establishments that we already visit on a regular basis. You can use as low as 50 points on any food or beverage at Figarro’s and Wendy’s Hamburger, gas at Petron, and medicine at Rose Pharmacy. You can also use as low as 100 points to partially pay for your tickets at Enchanted Kingdom, or 300 points to slash off the price on your next pair of Sunglass Hut shades.

Globe Rewards Partner Booths

The ultimate goal is to be able to use our Globe Rewards points to pay for just about any purchase, but these first few establishment are a step in the right direction. The lower point requirements are also nice since accumulating them can be a pain. To learn more about these or any other Globe Rewards promos, just visit

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