Cherry Mobile Galaxy Note

While the local budget smartphone market has an alternative for just about any branded device out there, there has yet to be one that mimics the Samsung Galaxy Note. That could change pretty soon as Cherry Mobile just teased what could be their next new release on their Facebook page!

Okay, so it’s just an image of a stylus, but you have to admit, it’s pretty suggestive. No other clues as to what size the device would be. It might actually even be a tablet, not a phone. Heck, they might just be selling styluses (styli?)! Still, it’s pretty exciting if Cherry Mobile does come out with an octa core phablet/tablet with Note-like capabilities.

Update: Cherry Mobile has just posted another teaser. This time it’s a partial render of the device, giving it a much better look at what it will ultimately look like. Also, they’ve sent out invited and the official launch will be on February 4.

Cherry Mobile Note Pro

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  1. cherry mobile na naman naku kahit ano pa ang gawin nilang product mapa smartphone, smartwatch, tab, etc…. IN MY OWN HONEST OPINION hindi parin topnotch ang quality ng products nila sana naman matawag man lang na “bang for the buck” pero kahit mura hindi pa rin eh. kahit quad core pa yan o octa core pa man kahit amoled pa ilagay nila not really my like and maybe others too. kasi sana kahit yung sa quality ng case or plastic like for example sa GS4 man lang ang quality ayos na pero hindi eh. tsaka yung battery life and the life of the device itself kasi nakita ko sa mga kakilala ko na naka CM hindi nga inaabot ng 6months sira agad. pero I understand why people buy their products kasi nga it’s one the most affordable way to experience android. THIS iS MY OPINION HATERS GONNA HATE

        1. Sir, I think we are all entitled to be a fan of some brand. I for one , am a fan of Cherry Mobile because it is from their stocks that I first owned a smartphone (Flare S100). Now I’m sporting a SKK Mobile Mirage S1.

    1. I totally agree. Cherry Mobile releases device after device, without much thought to durability, or even quality customer service. I’ve bought CM devices in the past and they’re some of the least expensive options in the market, but for the price, I at least expect it to work and not break apart in about a year’s worth of use. Sure they’ve got the best specced devices for the price, pero aanhin mo naman ang specs kung sira naman at hindi mo magamit? I’m done with CM, they’ve lost me as a customer forever.

    2. d mo din kasi masabi eh. ung unang flare edition ng tropa ko. hanggang ngaun kasi gumagana. nag loko pa nga un kaka root nya. pero okay naman na cya ngaun. aun gamit ng mas bata nyang kapatid. ung kauna unahang flare ito ah.

    3. Well said! I honestly agree. Their advertising tactics may spark some interest but in reality their phones will and always will be just a bunch of 3rd rate crap. Unless, of course, they would manufacture their own hardware with their own ingenuity and design. Ang labas kasi eh yung mga phone nla “cheap knock-off” lng ng mga known phone models galing sa ibang kumpanya. Well, business is business after all. They’re phones are simply “disposable” within a year. Even the with utmost care, mlaki parin ang chances na masira ang phone nila. This is why I strongly refuse to recommend any local phone brand to anyone I know.