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Chinese mobile giants form alliance to challenge the Google Play Store


China’s Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO are teaming up to build a new platform that could possibly rival Google’s Play Store.

As reported by Reuters, four of the biggest Chinese smartphones manufacturers has agreed to work together towards a platform which will enable app developers outside of China to simultaneously upload apps and games into their own respective app stores.

According to people with knowledge on the matter, the platform’s main goal is to make the process easier for developers to market their products in the global market.

The group is officially known as the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA) and its first mission is to disrupt Google Play Store’s international dominance. Its website indicates that it will roll out its services in nine countries and regions, including Malaysia, India, Russia, and Indonesia.

Each brand has a strong hold in important regions around the world. Xiaomi dominates India while Huawei has successfully entered the European market. On the other hand, BBK Electronics companies OPPO and Vivo enjoy a strong user base in Southeast Asia.

In total, these four Chinese mobile giants combine for 40.1% of global smartphone shipments in the last quarter of 2019, based on the report of IDC.

Reuters reports that the alliance might launch in March, although it remains to be seen if the ongoing coronavirus outbreak is going to affect it.

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