Giving your Jelly Bean device a launcher is a start, but the makeover is not complete without apps and the other aesthetic changes in Android 4.4 KitKat. Continue reading to learn how to add them on your device.

Let’s start with the apps. Folks from the XDA-Developers forum managed to extract a couple of KitKat software, including Google Now, Camera, and Gallery. Contacts and Dialer are available, too, though they’re rather buggy for now. You can download the APKs here.

To emulate the translucent status bar of Android 4.4 KitKat, you must be willing to modify your android.policy.jar and SystemUI.apk files. It’s something best left for developers to do, but check out this thread to get started.

With everything above in place, your KitKat makeover still isn’t complete without the wallpapers, animations, sounds, and fonts. Get them here.

As always, please be careful when tinkering your device. Also be aware of any warranty agreements you may violate should you choose to continue with these makeovers. Last but not least, prepare a backup of your files. The steps to do above aren’t for the faint of heart, who are better off waiting for their device’s manufacturer or carrier to roll out official updates.

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