Galaxy Note 3 Drop Test Video

Wanna see something that’ll make you cringe? Head on over to the video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test. I did. It’s rare (nay, almost impossible) for any smartphone to survive a drop test unscathed (i.e. pick it back up almost pristine). Even those with metal casings don’t match up to the power of gravity (and negligence in some cases).

It does seem that the Galaxy Note 3 passed with flying colors, though. No, it didn’t come back of the ordeal like some sort of Superman, but the display did function despite the screen being shattered (to the horror of millions, I would assume).

Android Authority did say that the moral story of such drop tests is to never skimp on a good protective casing. I’m inclined to agree. I learned that the hard way when my former HTC Desire suddenly had the desire that it was an Olympic diver and fell from a three-foot drop. It did survive admirably but it sported a dent and some scratches ever since. From that day on, my phones have never been without a protective case.

I’m truly excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I’ve been gobbling up as much hands-on videos as I can. This is more of like a hands-off thing, and considering the price of this new phone, every drop made me want to cry.

[Source: Android Authority]

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