People who usually travel to other countries often rely on translation services such as the Google Translate. But what if you don’t have an internet connection? How can you get out of trouble? Thanks to Google Translate’s latest android app update, you can now carry foreign languages on your android device.

Google Translate for android now supports up to fifty languages which lets you translate any language to your preferred one – ranging from Spanish to French, and Chinese to Arabic, etc. The best part of it is you can now store them all on your very own device and you don’t even need an internet connection – all on one android app.

Google Translate for Android

To use it, select “Offline Languages” to check all of the languages which are available for download. Download any language that you might need and install them. ┬áIn the app menu, choose the two languages that you want to translate and you can now start!

Google Play Download

Despite being available offline, we have to note that it’s far less comprehensive than the online version so in case you need to dig down deeper, it’s best to get a mobile data connection to search it on Google. But for the most part, I believe this will already be huge help in travels around the world.

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