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EXCLUSIVE: MyPhone A848G Duo and MyPhone A818G/i leaked! [UPDATED]


MyPhone has been very secretive about their plans on their upcoming devices but we managed to spot three more android phones ahead of its launch namely: MyPhone A848G Duo, MyPhone A818G, and MyPhone A818i Duo. Plus, the design of the MyPhone A919i Duo is finally confirmed.

We’re researching  for some news earlier and we found this interesting photo. This image came from an online seller, Kadroid, which claims that they’ve received the protective case of these upcoming MyPhone devices. The release date is still unknown, but we’re hearing rumors that the A919i Duo will be out this summer so we’re hoping that it’ll be included in the launch, though MyPhone is known for unveiling new android phones one by one.

MyPhone A848G Duo MyPhone A818G A818i and MyPhone A919i Duo - NoypiGeeks

MyPhone A818G and MyPhone A818i Duo Specs: What can we expect?

As for specs, we can’t confirm anything yet but if we’ll refer to these android phones’ predecessors,  we can expect it to be an entry-level android smartphone. I expect the MyPhone A818G and MyPhone A818i to get a bump in specifications which will include a MT6577 Dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and all other smartphone basics such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The original A818 Duo is only has 1GHz CPU and 256MB of RAM before and it’s one of those who sparked the invasion of local android phones in the Philippines because of its good specs and ultra-affordable price tag.


UPDATE: Partial Official Specs

MyPhone A818G

  • Android Jelly Bean
  • Dual-SIM
  • 3.5-inch Display
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 3.2-megapixel camera
  • microSD up to 32GB
  • Price: Php3,990
MyPhone A818i Duo
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Dual-SIM
  • 1GHz single core processor
  • 3.2-megapixel camera
  • microSD up to 32GB
  • Price: Php2,990
Thanks, Angelo Flores!

MyPhone A848G Specs: What can we expect?

Meanwhile, the we expect the MyPhone A848G Duo to have same Mediatek6577 dual-core CPU, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and possibly 1GB of RAM – though that sounds wishful thinking for now. The A848G will be the follow-up to either MyPhone A848 Duo or A848i, but in case it will be the latter – 1GB RAM can be possible as it’s priced at around Php5,990. We can expect the rest of the specs to be standards like the 5-megapixel autofocus main camera with LED flash, VGA front-facing camera, 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

UPDATE: Partial Official Specs

  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • 4-inch IPS Display, WVGA
  • 1GHz Dua-core CPU
  • 5MP camera with LED flash
  • VGA front camera
  • 3G/Wi-Fi
  • TV-out
  • Dual-SIM
  • Price: Php4,990

The MyPhone A919i Duo? Confirmed!

Yes! Two days ago we confirmed some specs of the MyPhone A919i Duo and MyPhone A919 3D and today we’re now sure on its design. Is it the Micromax Canvas 116 HD? Yes, we believe it is. But in case you want to compare it yourself, take a look at the photo below.


 More Coverage!

Well, we can’t really conclude anything yet but one thing’s for sure – new MyPhone android phones are definitely coming. As always, visit us often for your daily dose of the latest in tech news in the Philippines. We’ll keep an eye on this one and we’ll let you know if anything comes up. Any thoughts? Drop them down in the comments!


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